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The Weakness of Liberal Democracy - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1447 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2019/02/15 Category Politics Essay Level High school Topics: Democracy Essay Did you like this example? As the title suggests, liberal democracy has weakness in its system that destroys itself. Brazil’s election came in favor of Mr. Bolsonaro, a right-wing advocate who supports violence, abuse of women, and ignorance of the minority. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Weakness of Liberal Democracy" essay for you Create order Within that same time frame, Angela Merkel who practically represents peace and stability in Germany has announced that she will not run again. A pattern starts to emerge. Right winged politicians start to gain popularity and fame when there is a time of crisis like economic decrease or immigration issues. What this reveal is that there’s a fundamental problem with democracy. It contains issues or loopholes that can be exploited to rip democracy itself apart. This often leads from democracy to authoritarian rule. One of the primary issues with democracy is that people don’t truly understand what democracy is about. They believe that democracy is only based on people’s view. While it’s certainly true, it’s only the byproduct or subsection because the government wants to implement systems that protect everyone and their common good. The people believe that the officials are not basing the people’s decision. Thus, they vote for right-winged poli ticians like Mr. Bolsonaro who says he will rule through â€Å"person authority† which is supposedly governed by the people. However, it’s merely a manipulation of the people to get him into the office. The most evident is the president of Italy who is ruling with an iron fist, replacing local governments with people that are loyal to them. In the end, all supreme power goes to a single person and the citizens suffer. The misconception about democracy is ultimately what destroys it and turn a government attempting to become democratic into authoritarians. Furthermore, decisions made that may not be supported by the public make them feel neglected and without a voice or freedom. This presents the second problem with liberal democracy. The system with democracy sometimes declines the popular will because they need to balance the people’s decisions and government decisions that protect and regular all the people. While the previous example involves an already deep corruption in the government, this type of flaw cause people to believe the government doesn’t care about the general publicâ €™s opinions and serving some otherwise agenda. As a result, these right-winged politicians to come into power. They point their fingers to officials that are trying to benefit everyone in the country and say that those authorities are denying the common will. For example, outsiders often scapegoat George Soros who promotes the well-being of others by donating to those who are in need and proclaim that they will restore liberty and the constitution. With the hallucination that the government doesn’t care about the people, citizens believe that this form of the system must be destroyed and rebuild with someone that cares about the public. For instance, our president Donald Trump gained popularity partly because he advocated policies that appeal to the benefits of the public. However, these policies are often too extreme because while it can temporarily help the public, in the long run, society and its government would slowly erode. An essential subdivision of popular will is that majority rules. From an evolutionary basis, human’s nature commands us to act and form a tribal relationship. Instinctively, we want to compete and rule others. However, the foundation of democracy is that everyone receives rights and privileges equally. Yet, there are circumstances that make people feel they are being violated and are at risk of â€Å"endangered†. Naturally, they want to protect their parties, so they vote politicians that will protect them. Thus, people will support laws that bully the minority and remove immigrants. However, liberal democracy focuses on protection of rights for everyone including minority. In order words, the system ignores elections that favor one group over another due to the majority. This has a slight but still noticeable impact in America. White Christians are becoming fearful that other religious groups can exceed them so they regularly exercise their â€Å"whiteness† and are more fearful of the minority. Finally, people tend to go against democracy when they feel like their status is becoming weaker relative to other groups. They suddenly become much more defensive of their group identity and see other minority as potential a threat that can risk their status. Ultimately, their ideology shifts to a survival of the fittest. But once again, liberal democracy dismantles such social hierarchies to preserve rights of minority and peace. This causes people to feel like their rights are being suppressed and that the government is repressive. When someone promises to replace the system with one that â€Å"guarantee† people’s freedom, citizens vote for these right-winged politicians. However, once the politicians win the election, he will go against every thing he promised and become a dictator. Brazil is such example as well as many other Latin American countries. All in all, it demonstrates that within the liberal democracy, misinterpretation of democracy, a feeling of trivial public opinion, and social inequality will destroy itself. As a result, people will support radical politicians that can protect their group. I chose this article because it demonstrates the rarity and importance of democracy. America is home to democracy and people can regularly exercise their basic rights such as freedom of speech. Americans can choose which politicians that they believe in and the government is regulated by multiple authorities, not a dictator. Our system balances power in the power and a central government. Yet these privileges are often undermined and sometimes considered granted. So many other countries don’t allow citizens to voice their opinions or prosecute innocent children because of a differing religion. We are so privileged and lucky to be in America. I believe that we should appreciate such a blessing. Not only this, but we should also help other countries. Many countries trying to be democratic fall back to authoritarian because the citizens are manipulated by false promises and concepts. The people must pay the price at the cost of their life sometimes. Thus, we should be much more a ppreciative of what this country offers us and the price of such freedom. I learned that liberal democracy is an extremely complicated process. Until now, I always thought that democracy was just about people having basic rights. I now learned that the problem with liberal democracy is itself, at least partially. I thought that in an economic crisis, our connection with each other would strengthen and that democracy is still intact. However, I learned that it’s through these times of crisis that right-winged politicians come to power due to the people’s desperation. Furthermore, I thought that people would understand that sometime their opinion will be ignored for the general good. But people’s instincts cause them to want to exploit minorities and climb onto the top of the social hierarchy. To sum this in one word, it’s that people are selfish. People’s selfless to become the best and dominate causes a domino effect in which everyone competes and try to downgrade the other. In these times of crisis, politicians create fa lse promises that they will restore freedom in the people, but they almost always turn back on their promise and become a dictator. Finally, I gained insight on truly how precious democracy is. What surprised me is that countries that seem like it would stay democratic like Germany or Brazil are gaining more and more right-winged popularity. However, Portugal which might not seem like a country heading for democracy has no right-winged party rising. What is more ironic is that Portugal which is still going to an economic crisis impose no austerity yet other European countries with a sufficient and somewhat economy are implementing harsh austerity on its people. This connects back to the different kind of boundaries that we learn in class. Many times, a country encounters an obstacle to becoming democratic due to ideologic disagreements. A country is hard to become unified if it already has an internal conflict. For example, early Yugoslavia was extremely difficult to manage and even to the modern day, it still is. In the early days, democracy was hard to implement in Yugoslavia. It has a variety of ethical groups in Yugoslavia. Going back to no social hierarchy, giving more rights to minority threatens the status of other religious groups, making them feel less important. Furthermore, it will not be judged based on which group has the most amount of people due to democracy’s idea of rights for all. The boundaries that separate these different ethnic group made it difficult for a country to have a liberal democracy.

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Essay about Comparative Analysis - 965 Words

RUNNING HEAD: COMMUNICATION GENRE Communication Genre Comparative Analysis Paper Pamela E. Mundhenk Week 2 Assignment COM/PA 530 Professor J. Sanfillippo July 29, 2013 University of Phoenix Communication Genre Comparative Analysis Introduction Public administrators use many communication genres to reach their audiences. These genres range from business cards to governmental proposals. Each one has its own purpose. Each one has its own way of getting information to the audience quickly and efficiently. Each one has been affected by technology. Each has its own discourse conventions associated with it. And each has its own method of distribution—either external or internal. The purpose of this analysis is to compare†¦show more content†¦It provides an explanation of previous events for the reader or investigative results, and stipulations for implementation of policies and enforcement of these policies. A policy handbook is a comprehensive guide for the expectations of employees. It provides a statement of core values and purpose, code of conduct, and guidance for internal action. Reaching the Intended Audience The business card and resume both provide substantial information to the reader. However, the genres are different. The business card provides the identity of the agency or organization, address, and phone number. On the other hand, the resume provides the reader with information regarding the candidate’s employment experience and skills. A policy memorandum genre is different in that it provides the reader with information regarding to whom the memorandum is addressed, who it is from, along with a subject to be discussed. Public policy reports genre differ as they are an ongoing process that serves as a means to an end of changes in policy behavior, unlike policy handbooks that provide detailed instructions on how to implement rules within an organization. Technology Technology has advanced the development of genres in various ways. As readers or viewers process documents and view websites, they learn to recognize an agency, a business, or an organization with the use of a business card. Likewise, advances in technology have changed the way employersShow MoreRelatedQuantitative Analysis : Comparative Advantage Essay2258 Words   |  10 Pages3. Quantitative Analysis of Comparative Advantage Within the period of time and two-country world, country A can use a half of its resources to produce 30 units of product 1 and the other half to product 30 units of product 2. On the other side, country B uses the same amount of its resources as country B for 20 units of product 1 and 10 10 units of product 2. In this case, country A has the absolute advantage in producing both products, but it has a comparative advantage in product 2 because itRead MoreComparative Analysis Of Data Mining Tools1685 Words   |  7 Pages Comparative Analysis of Data Mining Tools Research Paper 11/16/2015 Dr. Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson 1. Executive Summary This research paper is about the Comparative analysis of three data mining software’s selected based on four important criteria Performance, Functionality, Usability and Ancillary Tasks support. â€Å"Data Mining is a field of study that is gaining importance and is used to explore data in search of patterns or relationships between variables and is applied to new data used for predictions†Read MoreA Comparative Analysis Of Force Directed Layout Algorithms For Biological Networks1825 Words   |  8 PagesLauren Peterson 6 December 2016 Term Paper 3 Page Update Bioinformatics Algorithms: Dr. Kate Cooper A Comparative Analysis of Force Directed Layout Algorithms for Biological Networks Brief Description: I will conduct a comparative analysis of multiple force-directed algorithms used to identify clusters in biological networks. The analysis will consider topics such as the algorithm process, amount of preprocessing, complexity, and flexibility of the algorithms for different types and sizes ofRead MoreComparative Analysis920 Words   |  4 PagesANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF VARUIOUS YEARS WITH RESPECT TO SBI CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. OBJECTIVE 3. SOURCES OF INFORMATION a) Primary Data b) Secondary Data 4. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM 5. SCOPE OF STUDY 6. LIMITATION OBJECTIVE : Based on the information furnished by the institution regarding their financial statements , the objectives of this study can clearly determined , the main objective of comparative analysis are as follows : * To determineRead MoreThe Adjective5825 Words   |  24 Pages16) True, he had a golden grip,—an almighty golden grip. (Jack London â€Å"The Great Interrogation† p.52) Some of the forms in -en are now archaic: an oaken chair. Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives. 1. There are 2 degrees of comparison: 1) the comparative; 2) the superlative. in contrast to which the adjective expressing the simple quality without comparison is said to be in the positive degree. The adjective in the positive degree with express an equal degree. e.g. My task is as easy asRead MoreComparative Policy Analysis : A Comparative Policy Analysis Overview1036 Words   |  5 PagesComparative Policy Analysis Overview What efforts and initiatives exist in other states that are comparable in size and scope to the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence as described in SB 90? Many efforts exist that are comparable to what the Oregon CCoE intends to pursue, but very few states actually include all of the ingredients that are emphasized in the cybersecurity-as-a-public-good literature. Bits and pieces from multiple states should be considered when compiling the proposal for the OregonRead MoreComparative Reading Analysis1011 Words   |  5 PagesComparative Reading Analysis There are different ways to analyze every piece of what we read. There are different structures, visual cues and stylistic differences among each text. Coming up, we are able to take a look at three different articles all weighing in on the same subject: cheating. From these articles we will be able to analyze each style of writing that each author portrays. We will also be able to compare and contrast these articles through something most commonly known as comparativeRead MoreComparative Analysis Essay857 Words   |  4 PagesJoel Spencer 3779350 Knowing and Knowledge Assessment 1 Comparative Analysis This  essay  will  be  comparing  and  analysing  the  techniques  used  by  two  Melbourne  based university  lectures,  Robert  Manne  and  Patrick  Stokes.  Both  dealing  with  the  thematic  subject  of opinion. Concerning  Climate  Change  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Clear,  Catastrophic  threats,  Manne  opens  the  article  with  an anecdote,  that  Ã‚  a  Ã¢â‚¬Å"part  of  the  english  syllabus  [as  a  schoolboy]  was  Ã¢â‚¬Å"clear  thinking†Ã¢â‚¬ Ã‚  (Manne 2011).  This  anecdote  should  set  up  a  releRead MoreComparative analysis Essay1632 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Comparative Analysis of Josie Appleton’s article â€Å"The Body Piercing Project† and Bonnie Berkowitz’ â€Å"Tattooing Outgrows Its Renegade Image to Thrive In The Mainstream†. Traditionally, tattoos were meant for sailors, soldiers, bikers and gangs. Along with several changes in the industrialized and technological society of the twenty-first century, the standard for getting body modifications have altered as well. Everyday, people are willing to get permanently marked as an individual choice ratherRead MoreWrite Apa Comparative Analysis784 Words   |  4 Pagesto Write an APA Comparative Analysis Your university English Language teacher has asked you to write a comparative analysis paper. This paper, also known as a compare and contrast, allows the writer to analyze two different things or ideas. She wants you to write the paper in APA format. APA is an acronym for American Psychological Association. The APA’s format is popular in education, social sciences and behavioral sciences. This article will help you format a comparative analysis paper. The first

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Dubliners as a Transition from Childhood to Adulthood Free Essays

â€Å"Dubliners† is a very particular short-story cycle because, unlike most other cycles, the link between its stories is not based on the recurrence of major characters. Instead, Joyce manages to unify the collection by exploring the same themes, such as the desire to escape a routine and the connection between life and death, from different perspectives. Interestingly enough, these perspectives are tainted by the perceptions that different age cohorts have of their surroundings. We will write a custom essay sample on Dubliners as a Transition from Childhood to Adulthood or any similar topic only for you Order Now The text as a whole delves into these issues from, initially, a more naive and childish point of view and progresses towards a more discouraged and somehow renouncing tone. â€Å"The Sisters† is basically the tale of how a young unnamed boy handles and mourns the death of his friend and mentor, Father Flynn. Although the age of this unnamed boy it not specified, the text abounds in evidence that might lead the reader to believe that this boy is only just discovering the twists and turns of life. With phrases like â€Å"the word paralysis†¦ it filled me with fear, and yet I longed to be nearer to it and to look upon its deadly work† (p. ), Joyce invites the reader to presume that this boy has never encountered death and is therefore intrigued by it. Then, Old Cotter, a family friend, repeatedly makes reference to how â€Å"there was something uncanny about [Father Flynn]† (p. 1) and that he â€Å"wouldn’t like children of [his] (†¦) to have too m uch to say to a man like that† (p1). Such evaluations and the fact that the boy has strange dreams about Father Flynn confessing his sins to him, give way to the reader’s suspicions that Father Flynn is actually a malevolent figure who acted as much more than a mentor. The boy’s inability to make sense of the true nature of his relationship with Father Flynn is also a clue to realizing that this boy is so young he has not yet been exposed to the dark, more vicious side of life. Then, in â€Å"Araby†, another –or maybe the same- unnamed boy describes an intense crush he had on a friend’s sister. To impress her, the boy promises to go to the Araby Bazaar she so longed to go to and bring her a present. The boy meticulously plans his day and even reminds his uncle of his intentions so that the uncle will return home early and provide train fare. However, the uncle’s tardiness and the â€Å"intolerable delay† (p. 3) of the train, resulted in the boy arriving at Araby when â€Å"nearly all the stalls were closed and the greater part of the hall was in darkness† (p. 3). The boy, noticing the â€Å"English accents† (p. 3) of the salesmen, immediately feels disenchanted. Araby was not, after all, the fascinatingly exotic venue he had imagined it to be. By saying that he â€Å"saw [himself] as a creature driven and derided by vanity;† and that his eyes were †burdened with anguish and anger† (p. ), the boy puts into words his feeling of utter disappointment and frustration. This particular remark, which seems somehow inflated, might lead the reader to believe that this is the boy’s first love-related frustration. The whole of â€Å"Araby†, actually, seems to be the story of a boy who, for the first time in his life, tries to do something special for someone special; and h is failure to succeed hits him hard. â€Å"Ivy Day in the Committee Room† is a more grown-up story which unfolds around a political conversation several canvassers hold. In this discussion, it is revealed that the campaigners widely disapprove of the candidate they are allegedly supporting. Already, remarks such as â€Å"Tricky Dicky Tierney† (p. 4) and â€Å"how does [Tierney] expect us to work for him if he won’t stump up? † (p. 5), remind the reader that the men who are talking are adults. Typically, one associates conviction, idealism and blind belief with the young, untouched generations. Conversely, one can associate skepticism and even cynicism with adults, who are those who have experienced frustrations and disappointments that have rendered them more pragmatic. Furthermore, in this short story, the politicians discuss the character of Charles Parnell, already deceased. The manner in which Joyce discusses the issue of Parnell’s death is utterly different from how death is presented in â€Å"The Sisters†. Whereas in the first short story what is explored is an individual’s encounter with death, which culminates in a private mourning in the presence of a body; â€Å"Ivy Day in the Committee Room† presents the death of Parnell as a matter of public opinion and it explores its effects on the Irish society as a whole. Therefore, it could be said that, considering this particular corpus of short stories, â€Å"Ivy Day in the Committee Room† marks the beginning of the more mature and public phase to which Harry Levin makes reference. Last but not least, â€Å"The Dead†, set at the annual dance and dinner party hosted by the Morkans, presents an eventful ball in which several interesting characters are introduced. All along the evening, awkward conversations occur and, through them, it is revealed that these characters are frustrated, exhausted and have given up all hopes. As the main character, Gabriel Conroy, enters the scene, he asks the Morkans’ housemaid, Lily, â€Å"I suppose we’ll be going to your wedding one of these fine days with your young man, eh? â€Å" (p. 3) to which she bitterly replies â€Å"the men that is now is only all palaver and what they can get out of you† (p. 3). Later on, the always-drunk Freddy Malins arrives and Aunt Kate asks Gabriel to â€Å"see if he’s all right, and don’t let him up if he’s screwed† (p. 5) to which she sharply adds â€Å"I’m sure he’s screwed. I’m sure he is† (p. ). Afterwards, Gabriel is cross-examined by a fervent supporter of Irish culture, Miss Ivors, as to why he would rather go to Belgium or France instead of visiting his own country. Following an uneasy exchange of ideas, Gabriel finally retorts â€Å"I’m sick of my own country, sick of it! † (p. 9). As the night ends, Gabriel’s wife, Gretta, becom es absorbed and detached. Irritated, Gabriel confronts her about her unbecoming behavior and, when she tells the story of how Michael Furey, â€Å"a boy[ she] used to know† (p. 7), died, he begins to reflect about love and life and death and finally realizes that â€Å"snow was (†¦) falling (†¦) upon all the living and the dead† (p. 30). All of these characters seem to embody the state of mind one can associate with the outcome of a long life of experience. Lily is utterly disappointed and does not believe in selfless love any more. Aunt Kate doubts that Freddy could ever be sober and, instead of hoping for the best, she only wishes to disguise the worst. Gabriel resents the culture of polarization in which he lives and grows tired of people imposing their opinions on each other. Gabriel finally realizes that nothing can be changed and that all are equal in the end. â€Å"The Dead† illustrates the stage of adulthood in which people no longer believe in the possibility of change and openly act as if nothing had to be concealed†¦ as if there was no tomorrow. Gabriel’s final ruminations add to the reader’s feeling that the characters are near the verge of death. To conclude, it could be said that â€Å"Dubliners† is the story of a city, a culture and the way in which those immersed in it grow up. The cycle begins with stories with younger, more naive protagonists; and then moves forward into stories with increasingly aged characters. Furthermore, the stories themselves become more complex, intricate and lengthy. In a way, Joyce manages to tell the story of the average Dubliner as he moves across the different periods of a human life by integrating the stories of different characters. The fact that all the stories could become the story of the standard citizen, adds to the effect that the book is indeed the story of he who lives in Dublin. How to cite Dubliners as a Transition from Childhood to Adulthood, Essay examples

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Problems With my Neighbors Essay Example For Students

Problems With my Neighbors Essay How are your neighbors with you? You are lucky if they treat you as a member of their family, but what about if it is the contrary? What about if they treat you as a thing not as a human? If this is your situation, I know how you are feeling. I know it because I am living this kind of life. In other words, I do not get along with my neighbors. From the day I moved into my house, I have had to deal with their unfriendly, dirty, and noisy way of living. First of all, my neighbors are very unfriendly people, and that is why they are hated. For example, during the day when I see them, they do not say hello to me. Sometimes, I try to have a conversation with them, but they always ignore me or give me a cold look. Since the day they ignore me, I began to hate them for being the way they are. In addition, my neighbors are not only mean with me, but with my children, too. Sometimes, when they are playing in front of their house, my neighbors come out and tell them to leave using a filthy language that scare my children. Second, the awful thing is not only that my neighbors are unfriendly, but they are dirty, too. For example, during the week, they often throw their trash in front of my house. Although, whenever I see it, I always clean it, but later they throw more. They are irresponsible people who do not care about others around them. Moreover, their yard looks like a jungle with empty cans and bottles and other trash among the big grass that is growing. Why do not they care about it? How lazy they are! Perhaps, they do not know the meaning of the word  clean. Finally, the other thing that makes my neighbors mean, besides being unfriendly and dirty, is that they are very noisy. They have three children and the smallest, the baby, is the one that makes all the noise during the day. He is always crying because he is hungry or because he wants something. Why do not his parents try to lull him? Besides the baby, they also have one big dog that barks all the time. For example, the other day I was going to study, but then it began to bark, and thanks to its harmful noise, I could not concentrate on what I was doing. Moreover, every weekend, they are always having a party at their house. So the loud music and the strange noises from the drunken people begin at noon and end at midnight. In conclusion, my neighbors are inconsiderate people, who do not care about others. They just care about themselves, and do what is best for them. They do not realize how much damage they are causing by doing the things they do. Their unfriendly, dirty, and noisy way of living brings me to that  conclusion. The worst is that I am not the only one who is suffering, but my whole family. To solve this problem, there is only one solution and that is to move out of the neighborhood, but should we do this? Is this the only solution we have? What should we do?

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blacks and white in the south Essays - Slavery In The United States

In the past, slavery was looked upon as a good economical institution. However, slavery had a huge negative social impact on the black and white southerners. In Jacobs narrative ?Incidents in the life of a slave girl?, she talks about her experience being black and a female slave in the 1800s. In addition, the experience of the white southerners is also projected. Slavery had a huge effect on the religious views, family dynamic and psychological state of the black and the white southerners.icagl Slavery had an effect on the family dynamics of the white and black families in the south. Since slaves were treated like property, slave masters felt that they could do as they please with their property with no questions asked. In her narrative Jacobs tells of the way slave masters used this to illicit horrible acts on the slaves. He told me I was his property; that I must subject to his will in all things. Many slave masters used this reasoning to have sexual relationships with their female slaves. It resulted in them having a large amount of children with their female slaves and many mixed families. I once saw a white two beautiful children playing together. One was a fair white child; the other her slave, and also her sister. Due to the adultery committed in the marriage by the slave master, the wife was often jealous, angry and bitter towards her female slaves. She also tended to be a bit harsher and crueler when it came to punishing her slaves. The mistress, who ought to prot ect the helpless victim, has no other feelings but jealousy and rage. The mixed children were frowned upon in the slave community and the white household; some mixed children were sold immediately at birth or killed so the wife of the slave master wouldn?t have to see the sign of her husband?s adultery. Due to the mixed families in later generations of black families it caused segregation and issues in the black community amongst fair skinned and darker skinned black people. Being that the slave master could do what he wanted with his slaves he often tore families apart by forcing slaves to marry other slaves on different plantations just to breed them like animals for profit. It also affected the white household of the slave master. It often desensitized the white children to the violence they always saw towards the slaves their parents owned. It caused the family to become dysfunctional seeing their slave master father and mother argue and fight over his adultery and fathering the illegitimate slave children. The daughters often rebelled by sleeping with the male slaves and having their own mixed children just to spite their fathers. Most often the slave masters sons took on the same role that the father had once had, if he was cruel and harsh to slaves the son had to be too. Slavery messed the family dynamic up in the white and the black family units, infants and children were sometimes torn from the mothers at birth or at the auction block for profit. Many slaves were separated from families and never seen again. Religion and its views in the black and white households were affected due to slavery. Slaves that were brought from Africa already had their own views on religion. There is a great difference between Christianity and religion at the south. Slave masters denied the slaves from practicing their African religious rituals. Slaves could only worship in the white churches that would allow them in. Many whites felt it was unfair to have to worship in the same church as blacks. If you disobey your earthly master, you offend your heavenly master. White preachers often used their sermons to get slaves to be more obedient and loyal to their masters. Southern whites often used Christianity to justify slavery and the inhumane cruelty used to enforce power and create fear in the slaves. The slaves who knew how to read and write like Jacobs felt this was a false Christianity the whites were teaching them and trying to get them to practice. Jacobs tells about how God told in the bible to love one a nother and treat each other

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Race and My Community

Race and My Community Free Online Research Papers My community consists of mostly White Americans. I am a white female living in Middleton Wisconsin. I see very few members of other cultures in my community. They are here though. I have a few Mexican American and also Muslim American neighbors living in my apartment community and there is a small apartment community that has a few African Americans down the road from me. The majority however is upper-class White Americans making more than fifty thousand per year per person. The chart below shows the population by race within Middleton Wisconsin. (Idcide, 2010). Population by Race White 92% African American 2% Native American 0% Asian 3% Hawaiian 0% Other/Mixed 3% I have not seen others that are not like me get treated any differently. Speaking with my neighbors they have all the rights we do and are not discriminated against within the community. The community holds many fun events for all ages and all races or religions. The motto for Middleton Wisconsin is â€Å"The Good Neighbor City.† It was also named â€Å"Best Place to Live† in August 2007 in Money Magazine. (City of Middleton, WI, 2008). In the community there are many different parks and other recreations you can go to. I was just at the Aquatic Center the other day and there where White Americans and African Americans in the pool and around the pool. I did not see anyone being mean or judging of others. It is all about having fun with family and friends and embracing the environment around us. There was a little girl that was African American that came over to help me teach my daughter how to swim. She was encouraging her and helping her along the way. Parents were talking about there kids and no one was upset that someone of a different color were in the pool as well. I have learned that it is a very friendly neighborhood that provides opportunities for all. In my work manual as well as many others I have seen, it shows no sign of discrimination. It is not geared just towards one race or religion. There is a part on there about a no tolerance for discrimination. I am pretty sure most places have this policy. It is illegal to fire, or not hire, or not promote someone because of there race or ethnic background or even religious views. I do not know of any company that would allow that, and I have seen many companies here in Middleton with a range of diversity. Restaurants, Stores, Malls all have employees of different backgrounds. With the media and my community, I have not seen much of the local media, however in Madison Wisconsin our neighbor city they have local events that are being broadcasted or put into the papers. I feel that they represent everyone. It does seem to have more White Americans that any other race but again most of Madison’s population is also white as well. In my old hometown of St. Petersburg Florida you would always see some kind of crime and the reporter is always in a African American area, while if a crime happened in a White American community you would see nothing. My opinion was that the media was trying to make the African Americans look like bad people. In that town I did see a lot of people being rude to African Americans and even teachers treating them unfairly. A White American student would be late for class and that would be okay but if an African American student was late they were sent straight to the principal’s office or they would get detention. The similarities that I share with the leaders in my town are that they are White American. A big difference would be the money they make compared to the money me or others in my community make. While I live in a city where most of the population makes fifty thousand a year I fall in the range of twenty thousand to thirty thousand a year along with the Muslim and African Americans in my area. You can only tell the difference by looking at our homes or are cars. The ones that make more of course they will have nicer homes and drive a nice car. I am not saying ours is junk. We drive decent paid off cars and live in apartments as opposed to a beautiful two hundred thousand dollar home or more. I am not sure if Minority Groups interests are met in my area. I have not heard of any concerns of theirs, other than they can’t afford the nice homes and cars that others can, but this is not a question for our leaders of the city. This is about the jobs we have and how much they pay us. I have talked to a few of my neighbors that say they are getting paid fairly but because they do not have a college degree they will not be able to go further than they are right now. It is not like they can not go back to school as well. When I go the library I see many postings on classes that are affordable and sometimes offer financial assistance for those who need it. Taking a look around my community I was trying to find any inequities but I did not see any. I am not sure if this is because 92 % is all white Americans. But I know that this town is not unfair to the African Americans, or Muslim Americans, or anyone of another race. If there were I am not sure if there would be a way for me to change that. I spoke with a lady named Tiffany that works in a pay day advance company who also lives in Middleton and she has had no problems living there, nor has she ever felt like she did not belong there. She does make more than others of her race though and that is why it is easier for her to live there. â€Å"I make enough to afford this area and it is a nice area, but I don not feel that others of my color should not live here because they are African American.† (Tiffany 2010) After all my research my finding are that all in all Middleton is mainly an upper class White American community, but I do not see any discrimination against others. If you walk down the streets of my town you will find it mostly whites, around the corner from my Apartment there is another Apartment complex that for the most part I believe has all there diversity there. Most of the population in those apartments were African Americans, I wanted to take a look at this place because many people would believe that they live in horrible apartments and are messy or have a lot of children running around. I went into them and they were really nice apartments a little smaller than mine at about 900 square feet, but were less on rent and included some utilities. I looked around outside and saw that everyone was being friendly and there were some children playing outside. I knew that this was probably where the 2% of African Americans lived that make up our population statistics. I spoke wit h another young lady who did not give her name but she didn’t feel like she was ever judged in the community. She could take her kids to the park or the pool and not have any problems with people being rude to her. She told me she lived in another town about 20 minutes away and they just didn’t like you if were not white. Also after talking with other White American neighbors they would have no problem if someone from another culture lived next to them. I found that the main reason there is not much diversity is because of the cost it is to live there. Houses are no less than $300,000.00 not that someone from a different culture could not get a house like that but for the majority here it is a lot of Graduate School or Masters degrees living in our area that are making more than $50,000.00 a year with just one income. I know for me my fiancà © and I do not make that together, but also we have not gone to school as long as others have. In my conclusion Middleton is a great place to live a little expensive, but very nice area good school, nice clean parks with lots of things to do. Everyone is nice to you and no one that I have met seems to judge you based on the color of your skin or the things you believe in. Reference page Idcide. (2010). Middleton, WI Profile. Retrieved from City of Middleton, WI. (2008). Welcome to Middleton. Retrieved from Tiffany 2010 a member of my community Research Papers on Race and My Community19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XHip-Hop is ArtWhere Wild and West MeetCapital PunishmentMoral and Ethical Issues in Hiring New EmployeesThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andThe Masque of the Red Death Room meaningsThe Spring and Autumn

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Examine the work of any three twentieth century artists who have Essay

Examine the work of any three twentieth century artists who have sought a political role in their art - Essay Example They created a special social movement that can bring about changes in human life. While people usually tend to steer away from writings on philosophy they rather enjoy it if philosophical thoughts are revealed through fiction, paintings or other forms of art. For instance, communist movement in west spread across the world due to its representation in the works by various artists. In the same lines, some artists do seek political roles in their art and try to propagate the theories they believe in through the media of art. This can be witnessed in the case of three pioneering artists of twenty century who used their medium to project Marxian ideals as well as to criticize the flawed social set up of their times. Diego Rivera, an artist in the realm of murals and paintings, was a Mexican, born in Guanajunto on December, 1886. Rivera had a long sojourn in Europe for 14 years between 1907 and 1921. During this period he came in direct association with French intellectual and political life, which provided him the opportunity to meet eminent figures like Pablo Picasso Georges Brague and several other renowned artists. Due to their influence, he became an inspired cubist producing a series of cubist works during the period between 1914 to1917. An artist cannot remain long in seclusion, cut off from the milieu of political and social upheavals during his time and this obviously holds true in the case of Diego River, too. The chaos of World War-I and the resultant wretched existence of human beings, acted as an intellectual stimulation that prompted some of his works. Communism then ascended as a new political philosophy in the West, and it lent a new life to all art forms and its influence especially marked in painting was both impressive and manifold. Political content in Rivera’s work is apparent through his association with the communist party, especially from his paintings on Lenin, as also from his